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Archeologists dig Harper County site
By Jerry Keene
The Anthony Republican May 26, 2004

Archeologists are busy digging up an archaic Indian site in Harper County this week. Surface finds of flint chips, pottery, and bones are among the early indications of past habitation at this site tantilizing the diggers to continue the excavation to find what lies deeper in the ground below the plow line. Subtle changes in the color of the soil give archeologists indications of the location of storage pits, house sites, and other features present at the location.

Dr. Don Blakeslee of Wichita State University, members of the Kansas. Historical Society, students and volunteers are working to excavate a site in southeastern Harper County along a county road. This particular site was found by two archeologists out of Oklahoma who were surveying previous sites which had been excavated. Previous excavations near this site yielded two burials several years ago.

Dr. Blakeslee, who along with several other excavators is camping out at Anthony Elementary School, said he was going to be in the Anthony area until Friday. Anyone interested in having their Indian relics identified or having questions to ask will be welcome at his school campsite in the evenings.

Dr. Blakeslee wanted it to be made perfectly clear that no relics would be taken away from collectors and his only interest is in seeing what has been collected in the area and to help anyone who needs help identifying any relic or unusual piece which they might have found.

We will have a report on what was found during the excavations at the site and on other things of interest associated with the dig in next week's paper.

Looking North at the Site with Jerry Keene looking on getting ready to take the picture for the paperLooking South at the Site on Monday May 24, 2004
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